Follow this procedure to connect a real Commodore 64/128 to Q-Link Reloaded using your Mac and SerialTCP.

1. Download SerialTCP 2.0. This process will not work with older versions!

2. Run SerialTCP. Select your serial device, a Baud Rate of 1200, and engage Interactive Mode. Leave all other settings unchecked and empty.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 12.42.28 AM

2. Insert the Q-Link program disk and load the Change Access program using:

3. Change the modem type to “Other command driven modems”, and make sure speed is set to 1200 Baud.


4. Select SIGN ON TO Q-LINK. When the login screen appears, it will prompt you to enter commands to dial inter the service. Enter the following:

(and press RETURN.)


5. SerialTCP will connect to the Q-Link Reloaded server and answer back with “CONNECT 1200”. You may now press the F1 key to connect to the service!