Few radio talk show hosts approach the genius and hilarity of the late Neil Rogers. Relive the golden era of talk radio in South Florida with Neil’s Noises, a collection of drops that were a staple of The Neil Rogers Show. Need an “OY!” to accentuate a story of personal misery? Perhaps your situation calls for a racy double entendre? Just yank it out (and your iPhone, too), and poke our buttons.

appStoreLogoTransparentBKGAvailable FREE from the App Store!


One thought on “Neil’s Noises

  1. Mitch Lewis says:

    Hi Joe.
    What a cool app to stumble upon, thank you.
    Neil was a master of the drop, this is something he would’ve liked to have had and used.
    To think that for the longest time Neil was using carts, he was surrounded by spinning cart racks and could find any drop or bit immediately, while smoking and eating and conducting business, amazing.
    Well, enough of the sucking.
    All the best,


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