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pr_sourceDon’t you wish you could squeeze a certain popular instant audio replayer device into your lightweight iPad?

Hawtie was designed for busy radio jocks, talk show hosts, and podcasters. Its  simple interface gives you just enough control to get the job done without getting in the way. Import your drops, sound effects, music beds, IDs and segues using iTunes File Sharing or DropBox, assign each of them a colorful button, place them anywhere on the Hawtboard, and you’re ready to go!

Nobody needs to run an entire radio station an iPad. That’s why our number one goal was to design Hawtie to do one thing and do it well, with a familiar, clean, and customizable user interface.


  • Supports layered, simultaneous playback of multiple cuts
  • Create buttons for one-shot playback or automatic loopers
  • Easily import WAV and MP3 files using iTunes File Sharing
  • Arrange and color buttons to satisfy your needs, in any configuration
  • Intelligent resource management means audio plays when you need it
  • Import audio from your Dropbox account
  • Times countdown as cuts play

Hawtie is now available for FREE on the
App Store.


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